890 Balochistan employees ‘tampered’ age record

Quetta –  The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Balochistan has unearthed mega corruption scam by identifying 890 government employees in the province Balochistan who were suspected of altering the official data to change record of their ages in order to delay retirement.

During an inquiry launched by NAB against workers who allegedly got their ages changed in the official record to continue receiving perks and privileges despite being overage, the Bureau found that 890 employees of various government departments from grade one to 21 had inflicted loss of billions to the national exchequer by tampering with the record.

The findings unveiled that around 100 grade 17 officers and 19 officers from grades 19 to 21 also benefited by bypassing the legal formalities, said the bureau.

The illegality was traced in education, health services, general administration, police and other provincial departments. The NAB had discovered the record tampering cases after thoroughly scanning the record of past seven years of almost all provincial departments.

These employees and officers in a fraudulent complicity with concerned departments and Accountant General Office gained financial benefits through illegally changing their ages.

The Bureau in its regional board meeting under the Director NAB Balochistan has decided to thoroughly probe the matter.

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