Art exhibition on life of Holy Prophet (PBUH) held

Islamabad – An art exhibition “Illustrations on the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)” by Australian Pakistani artist Tusif Ahmad was held here Friday at the COMSATS Art Gallery in the COMSATS University.

Tusif Ahmad uses paper cutting technique to create his art work and is exhibiting a total of 19 art pieces which he has created over a five years’ time. The show was inaugurated by Australian High Commissioner to Pakistan Margret Adamson. The event invited a large number of people representing all walks of life.

Inaugurating the exhibition Margaret Adamson said:  “Pakistani artists like Tusif Ahmad form a great example of the diverse people-to-people connections between our two countries –engaging Australians and Pakistanis with Islamic art and cultural heritage.”

Australia, she said, was the most ethnically diverse nation in the world, being home to people from all corners of the globe, including more than 60,000 Pakistanis and 600,000 Muslims.

“Islamic art in Australia represents a unique heritage, with the relics of the Macassan Traders of Northern Australia and the Afghan Cameleers of Central Australia serving as the most celebrated of Australian Islamic legacies. Pakistan is also justifiably famous in Australia, and around the world, with its miniatures tradition and vibrant pop-art like genre of truck art,” the envoy said.

Tusif Ahmad was grateful to CAG for providing him a platform to exhibit his work and said: “The process of cutting a paper and turning them into a beautiful design is my soul. The intricacy of the design and fragility of it when cut is mesmerising. All of my pieces which I am bringing are completely hand cut so all are unique and one of a kind. I represent in my art, how different religions truly teach the same basic principles about love, compassion and empathy and how we must all embody those amazing qualities in life.”

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), he said, is an inspiration for more than a billion people in the world. “In honour of that, I have created these art pieces representing the major events of his life. I have done my best to visually represent things in the most succinct yet complete manner,” he added.

The Curator of COMSATS art Gallery, Farrah Mahmood expressed her great pleasure on commencement of this particular exhibition at her art gallery.

She said: “Tusif Ahmad uses special paper cutting technique to create his art work. His art works is technical; it needs a lot of patience and strong skill for transformation of the image on paper. The intricate detailing that he does on art pieces cannot be done with any short cut and needs complete concentration of the artist.”

She added: “Influenced with life of our Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and presenting him tribute through his art work, most of his art works are either describing a life incident of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) or are conveying one of his messages through this paper cutting technique art.  We are extremely happy on arranging this exhibition in accordance to the holy month of Rabbiul Awwal.” Tusif Ahmad is also going to conduct a workshop on the technique of paper cutting art on December 27 and December 28 at COMSATS Art Gallery, Islamabad.

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