Eye of the storm


Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Al-Quds as Israeli capital will have a ruinous impact on global peace prospect especially the Middle East. He flouted the warnings of Muslim countries and signed the move without the fear of severe backlash on the part of Islamic world. Indubitably, it won’t be a walk in the park for Trump administration because the decision has aroused a feeling of anger and hatred against the US across the Muslim world. Ever since his ascendancy to the White House as the US president, Donald Trump took everyone by surprise by showing utter disregard to all those agreements, pacts and resolutions struck by previous US presidents. By slapping a travel ban on the nationals of seven Muslim majority countries during his early days in the office, Donald Trump made his nefarious designs against Muslims clear.

It is deplorable that there is no unity among Islamic states. Most of the Muslims countries are at dagger’s drawn owing to ethnic rifts, sectarian strife and regional rivalries. This has resulted in chaotic conditions in countries like Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan etc. To foil all these challenges, it is incumbent upon the Muslim leaders to draw a joint strategy and work together to bring a semblance of normality to these war-weary countries. The decision of shifting its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on the part of quirky Donald Trump must serve as a clarion call for us. Without an aura of doubt, this odd bill will be an eye of the storm for the entire planet which is already afflicted with hunger, poverty, illiteracy, conflicts, droughts, pollution and natural disasters owing to sudden and abrupt climate changes.


Mianwali, December 8.



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