JuD seeks Muslim unity for protection of rights

GUJRANWALA –  People living in Palestine are eyeing their Muslim brethren world over for help and it is time for the entire Muslim world to get united again to get their right from the world.

Jamaatud Dawa Pakistan Ameer Prof Hafiz Saeed stated while addressing a rally held here from Sheranwala Bagh to Gondlanwala Chowk on Friday.

The JuD chief pointed that historic defeat in the Un General Assembly is a lesson for America and victory of truth and justice in the world. “American worst defeat in the UNGA is provided a best opportunity to get rid of American do more mantra,” he stressed.

Thousands of people from all walks of life participated in the rally to show solidarity with Palestinians.

Prof Hafiz Abdul Rehman Makki, Hafiz Asad Mehmood Salafi, Chaudhry Imran Yusuf Gujjar, Nasrullah Gul, Ehsanullah, Gulzar Ahmad Azad, Nasir Oazi, Saleem Zahid Qadri, Muhammad Qasim Khawaja, Hafiz Shahid Munir and Abdul Razaq Butt also addressed the gathering.

Earlier Hafiz Saeed delivered Jumma sermon at Aqsa Centre.

Speaking to the rally participants, the JuD chief emphasised that Americans should remember that the issue of Jerusalem is not a regional one, rather it has endangered the world peace. “Germany will not tolerate Israel’s occupation of Jerusalem,” he claimed.

He urged the Muslim rulers to get united for a unanimous response to Israel, adding that an urgent session of Islamic Summit should be convened in Pakistan and the Prime Minister should invite Islamic leaders to the conference.

He pointed out that unity of political and religious parties in the country is the need of the hour as it would help does away with sectarian divide, bring people of all schools of thought together.

“The JuD is going to every corner of the country to unite the people for the freedom of Palestine and Kashmir and on December 29, there will be a major security conference in Liaqat Bagh Rawalpindi,” Hafiz Saeed informed.

He declared that sacrifices of Muslims in Kashmir and Palestine would not go down the drain and hapless people of both the Kashmir and Palestine would Insha Allah soon get independence from India and Israel occupation.


The Punjab Food Authority sealed the canteens of four educational institutions for poor hygienic condition and insanitation here on Friday.

According PFA, a team of the authority raided canteens of the Punjab University, Punjab College for Boys, University of Sargodha and Gift University. Upon inspection, the PFA officials found poor cleanliness condition and sale of unhygienic food prepared in low standard oil. At which the officials, sealed all the four canteens. PFA Director Operations (North) Bilawal Abro informed that canteen owners have failed to produce medical certificates of their employees.

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