Overseas Pakistanis remit $6b during July-Oct

ISLAMABAD – Overseas Pakistani workers remitted around $6 billion from July to October this year.

As per official data, the maximum remittances were sent to the Sindh province. During the month of July, a total of $1441.9 million were received, while remittances remained at $1193.5, $824.5 million and $1102 million in August, September and October 2017 respectively.

After Sindh, Punjab received the second biggest chunk of remittances and got $402 million in July, while 465.4 million, 279.2 million and 330 million in August, September and October respectively.

A large number of overseas Pakistanis, especially from the Gulf region, remitted a major portion of their income to Pakistan. These transfers were regulated and maintained by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP). The major portion of remittances was sent from Gulf countries, however, Pakistani expats living in other countries also sent money to their relatives and families.

As per information provided by High Commission of Pakistan, Kuala Lumpur, 76,892 Pakistanis are currently residing in Malaysia. According to the emigration statistics, 3,732 Pakistanis proceeded to China for the purpose of employment since 1971 to 2017 (October). During the last three years (2014 to October 2017), 1460 Pakistanis proceeded to China for the purpose of employment.

According to a report by the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis released early this year, nearly 2.5 million Pakistanis travelled abroad for employment over the past three years.

Nearly 0.8 million people travelled abroad in the year 2014, while a total number of Pakistanis travelled abroad in the years 2015 and 2016 remained 0.92 million and 0.82 million respectively.

The report further showed that the number of Pakistanis sent abroad for employment exceeded the number of Bangladeshis and Indians sent by their respective governments during the same tenure.

The majority of Pakistanis who went abroad for employment travelled to the Gulf countries. The migrants included doctors, engineers, agricultural experts and cooks. Ten thousand Pakistanis were given additional visas to Qatar during the tenure of the current government.

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