PTI to clean sweep next general elections: Jatoi

KARACHI – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader and former chief minister Liaquat Ali Jatoi on Friday said more than 30 important personalities are going to join the PTI and it will clean sweep the coming general election.

Addressing a press conference at his residence here, he said the PPP has already disappointed voters of Sindh. He said in past they used to say that there is not political opponent of the PPP in Sindh, but now the PTI has made itself alternate choice of voters in Sindh who are fed up with corrupt and incompetent politicians.

PTI central senior vice president Ali Haider Zaidi, Imran Ismail, Sardar Khalid Mian Rajpar, Faisal Khan Zai, Mir Abdul Jabbar Buledi were also present.

Jatoi said that the PTI would help Sindh people to get rid of corrupt rulers and Imran Khan is the substitute of Zardari League in Sindh. “I have been opposing Asif Zardari for last 10 years on ideological grounds.” He alleged that Asif Zardari and his team are involved in massive corruption but they are still away from the long arm of law. He said gangster Uzair Baloch has already confessed to commit criminal activities in connivance with police and political setup in Sindh province. He said Uzair has also confessed of occupying many flats and plots near the Bilawal House Karachi but his JIT report is still not made public.

Jatoi claimed there are 13 sugar mills in Sind of same people but these millers are treating sugarcane growers like criminals. Sugarcane growers have been demanding fixed rate of sugarcane but government is not meeting their demands to benefit the sugar millers, he said.

He said the Chief Justice of Pakistan should take suo moto notice of criminal activities allegedly patronized by the ruling PPP and carry out an effective accountability against them. He also said that PTI will clean sweep the 2018 general election and form its government.

Speaking on the occasion, Ali Haider Zaidi said that till strict accountability is not carried out, the corruption in system would not be eradicated. Rulers are looting money from country and buying sugar mills and assets, he charged.

He claimed that MQM founder is the agent of RAW and he was behind the incident of Baldia factory fire in which 257 lost their lives. He demanded that the JIT report about factory fire incident should be made public. He said that Uzair Baloch used to collect extortions and give them to a notorious lady politician of Sindh.

Zaidi said PPP government could not address the basic problems of people. Teachers, sugarcane growers and other people are demanding their rights but the rulers are busy in corruption, he charged.

On the occasion, Sardar Khalid Rajpar said he had left the PPP and joined PTI for the betterment of Pakistan and get a rid of corrupt rulers. He said that they love country and they will stand for the development of Pakistan. There is no any development in Sindh during any PPP government tenure. Government jobs were sold by rulers. There is lack of law and order in Sindh. We will end this corruption and injustice as a silent revolution is coming to Sindh province, Rajpar concluded.

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