Six suicide hits killed 45 persons in 2017 in Balochistan

QUETTA  –  Balochistan has again remained on high spotlight of terrorists target as suicide attacks on public and security forces had increased in prevailing year as compared to past year, though the casualties declined. 

“Surge in deadly suicide hits on people and law-enforcement agencies personnel increased in 2017 as compared to 2016, although, the death toll has dropped this year and similarly, loss through discharging off IEDs has also reported low than preceding year,” said the Deputy Inspector General Police (DIG) and Regional Police Officer (RPO) Abdul Razzaq Cheema at a Press conference on Friday. 

Briefing media men about police performance report of 2017, Razzaq Cheema said that six suicide explosions claimed 45 persons lives – 23 civilians, 12 police and 10 Army men – and as many as 195 – 125 civilians, 39 police, 25 Army and 6 Frontier Corps Jawans – sustained injuries this year in Balochistan. 

Police officers were present alongwith DIG in media conference. 

Describing attacks during last year , he noted that at least 155 fatalities – 78 citizens, 71 police, 5 FC and 1 Army cop – were killed in four suicide attacks on forces and civilians and 270 were injured. 

Target killing 

The DIG added that 49 members of the police and Frontier Corps were targeted this year in 21 heinous target killing episodes, while members of both security forces were gunned down last year in 34 cases. 

Explosive materials 

After court go-ahead permission, “45,000 kg explosive materials had been defused,” Cheema told media men.  

He went on to state that 16 cases had also been sent to military courts by the police this year. 

The terrorists opted to bring down the morale of the security forces, the Deputy Inspector General Police viewed, adding, they first targeted the police cops and now officers were on their target, but they failed as police confidence was high. 

He added the allegedly involved in attacks on security forces had been awarded sentences from military and other courts. 

Kidnapping for ransom 

PRO told media persons that four cases of kidnapping for ransom had been reported in 2017 as the figure was five during last year, however, no untoward incident occurred in banks and petrol pumps. 


He said that as many as 13 burglaries cases had been reported this year as compared to 11 cases during last year while car-lifting had increased in 2017. Motorcycle and robbery cases were reported low. 


The cases of drugs recovery were higher as 432 cases were registered during prevailing year in which 168 suspects were indicted and three accused were 

set free, he said, adding, drugs recovery cases were higher than last year. 

The DIG maintained that the police officials were revisiting security strategy to overcome law and order situation and efforts were also underway to further strengthen coordination between public and police force. 

Regarding traffic mess in Quetta, Abdul Razzaq Cheema admitted that traffic congestion was a reality in the metropolis as lack of parking plazas and encroachments were creating trouble for the police. 

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