Special HR desk set up at central police office

Islamabad  – Inspector General of Police Islamabad Sultan Azam Temuri has said that a special human rights desk has been established at Central Police Office to entertain the complaints of marginalized segments of society.

He stated this while addressing a Christmas cake cutting ceremony organised by Islamabad Police for Christian Police officials at Police line Headquarters, Islamabad.

The IGP said that a newly-established HR desk would monitor every kind of violation and ensure protection to children, women and other segments of society.

Being a department of the State, he said, police would leave no stone unturned to ensure protection to the lives and property of the minorities. The IGP stressed to promote interfaith harmony among all segments of society and said: “We have to demonstrate unity and work together to counter the menace of terrorism and militancy in society.”

Islamabad police chief said that a committee will also be established to promote interfaith harmony and notable citizens would be given representation in it. This committee would monitor the affairs related to minorities and ensure protection to them. He said that such a committee was also established by him while serving as Regional Police Officer Multan.

In connection with Christmas ceremonies, he said that elaborate security arrangements would be ensured for the Christian community of the federal capital on the occasion. Azam Temuri said heavy deployment of security personnel would be made around the churches and residential areas of Christian community in Islamabad to avoid any untoward incident on Christmas Day.

Appreciating the ceremony, he said, this kind of step could help develop interfaith harmony in society. He said that such gestures also leave a good impact at national and international level and help to improve the image of the country and society.



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