Taylor Hill keeps her tags on her clothes

LOS ANGELES – Taylor Hill keeps the tags on all of her clothes because she has a ‘’weird’’ habit and likes to keep everything in ‘’exactly’’ the same condition she bought it.

Taylor Hill keeps the tags on all of her clothes. The 21-year-old model has revealed she still keeps the labels on her garments, even after she has worn them, because she likes to keep her personal items ‘’exactly’’ how she bought them, although she has acknowledged that is a ‘’weird’’ habit of hers. Speaking in a video for Vogue.com, where she gave viewers a sneak peek inside her closet, she said: ‘’Hi I’m Taylor Hill and welcome to my closet.

‘’All leather Alexander Wang dress, I was so obsessed with it that I wore it almost every night during Fashion Week because I didn’t have a stylist yet, and I didn’t know what was fashionably appropriate to wear to things. ‘’And I actually still have the tag on. Sometimes I like to keep things exactly how I got them, I’m, weird like that.’’

 And the Victoria’s Secret Angel has revealed one of her most prized possession is a vintage ‘’kimono/bath robe’’ from the lingerie label, which also has the tag on. She said: ‘’Recently I was sent this in the mail, a vintage 1992 Victoria’s Secret kimono/bath robe.

It actually still had the tag on when it was sent to me. It’s Made out of 100 per cent silk, and it is one of the most beautiful things I ever got, and you should remake this if you’re watching.’’

Taylor also has an ‘’obsession’’ with any merchandise from Acne Studios, as well as knit sweaters and sunglasses

She explained: ‘’This is from Acne [Studios], which you will see I have a lot of in my closet. I have an obsession. This is one of my favourite coats of all time and I will never ever get rid of it. It’s winter in New York right now, so you know this is coming out of the closet.

‘’First of all I have an obsession with knit sweaters. It was right after I broke out of my buy only black phase.

‘’I love sunglasses, I love to hunt for them, I have people send me them.’’




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