US odious endeavour

I would like to excoriate the United states offensive move to consent Jeruselum as Israel’s capital on 6th of December. It is a sheer

violation of UNSC resolution 478 which was passed in 1980 in order to reprobate Israel any move to annex eastern Jeruselum i.e western bank where “Al-Aqsa Mosque “ Muslims third holiest site after mosque al-Haram & Madina is present. Al- Aqsa was Muslims foremost prostration site, Prophet(p.b.u.h) went to Miraj from there & lead the prayers of all prophets & prophet Jesus(A.S) also born here.

By doing so, US has slurred the sentiments of Muslims worldwide and stoke extremist movements and will face diplomatic as well political hampering in her relations with the Muslim states.US has emboldened the perception that Phalestine and Kashmir issue will not be resolved politically but militarily by force and that the UN is a toothless organisation which is a bondwoman of great powers.


Karachi, December 8.


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