‘AJK focusing on quality edu’

MIRPUR (AJK) – AJK President Sardar Masood Khan said that the government was focusing on the provision of affective and quality education with emphasis on self-development and creation of sustainable livelihood.

He said that private schools were providing quality education in Azad Kashmir by catering for over 40 percent students. He said that constructive partnerships and interactions are essential between private and public sector educational institutions thereby helping raise the overall quality of education in the region.

He said that currently AJK had an 85 percent literacy rate and has the highest educational scores in terms of learning, retention, enrolment and gender parity. These numbers, he said, must be buttressed with quality and excellence from primary up to tertiary levels of education.

Private schools, said the president, have provided a great opportunity to the students in acquiring quality education and honing their skills. He urged that an economic transformation is unfolding in AJK, and it is imperative that our schools and educational institutions provide market-relevant skills to help avoid mismatches and enable effective job-placement of its students.

He said that the difference between a developed and non-developed nation is the quality of education it provides to its citizens. He also added that the students of today will be the leaders of tomorrow, and the difference between a prosperous and backward country is the quality of leadership.

The president AJK also said that along with academics, it is pertinent to inculcate character-building and values during the formative years of our children. The president advised the students to value truthfulness and always be faithful towards our Creator, parents, country and its people. He added that every student must concentrate on self-development, self-improvement and pursue excellence in all their endeavours.

Take pride in being citizens of AJK. It is your destiny to make Pakistan a great nation,” he said. He urged the students to never forget the sacrifices of our brothers and sisters in Indian Occupied Kashmir. The people of IOK, said the president, are facing the worst form of torture and repression at the hands of the Indian Occupation forces. He added that the people of Kashmir are peacefully leading an unarmed struggle for their right to self-determination which is their fundamental right. As global citizens of today and future leaders, the students should strive towards advocating the rights of the Kashmiri people and effectively engaging with the international community for the noble and just cause, he said.

The president made these remarks while addressing the oath-talking ceremony of the newly appointed Metropolitan Students Council.

He congratulated the students on their selection, and asked them to fulfill their responsibilities towards their institution, academics and the society. He said that these bodies provide a great opportunity in sharpening their skills and enabling them to be a productive part of the society. He awarded the students with honorary sashes.

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