Jerusalem; flawed policy as always

The world’s media, top most newspapers and magazines rightly claim the US president Donald Trump as a ruthless, incendiary decision maker and hasty policy drafter. Among all done flawed and failure policies, recognizing Jerusalem as a capital of Israel is the most predominant tactless policy highlighted by Trump. Mr: Trump when you are unencumbered by history, how do you come to make a hasty decision that could affect the international order and create violence in the world? You always take short-term decision because you are unable to think of long-term decision ever. Transferring the US’s embassy in Israel with acknowledging Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is really questionable and arguably. What he gets in return, everybody knows it well. He wants to change headline of his troubles of 24 hours. But remember, the decision will have a devastating result for the world’s peace and regional security. Palestinians are already humiliated and treated in subhuman behavior, now they seem to have lost Jerusalem—— the cultural city.

The very policy is highly criticized and condemned by many capitals of the world. Muslim countries also opposed the unwise decision at all. The US has to revist and rethink the incendiary policy as soon as possible otherwise this could possibly ignite the aflame of regional destruction at any time. It is right time for a new approach and strong vision to endgame.


Shikarpur Sindh, December 9.



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