MQM protests against land mafia in solidarity with victims

Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) on Saturday held a protest against land mafia in solidarity with the victims whose properties have been demolished in an anti-encroachment campaign recently expedited by the city government in Karachi.

The victims whose houses and marriage lawns had been demolished, a large number of MQM workers and most of the MQM leaders also participated in the protest.

The MQM leaders demanded the provincial government to provide the victims alternative places for their lost land as all their savings were looted by land grabbers.

They also demanded to crackdown against those who were involved in land grabbing whether in the name of Russian-cutting, American-cutting or any other cutting. MQM said common men were suffering from the crimes committed by mafias.

Earlier in a statement, MQM chief Farooq Sattar said china-cutting was only 10 per cent against all the illegally occupied land in the metropolis. “Rest of the land grabbing has been done in the name of Russian-cutting and American-cutting,” he said.

Sattar said that people bought land in exchange of money and if masses were punished for the crimes of land mafia then MQM would not leave them alone.

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