Nine ISIS suspects held

Rawalpindi – As many as nine suspects — having alleged links with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria — have been taken into custody by an intelligence agency by carrying out raids in different localities in Rawalpindi and Gujrat.  Four of the nine suspects were later releases after questioning, an intelligence source told The Nation.

The arrests have been made in connection with the case of Rawalpindi Medical University student Muhammad Jawad, who was taken into custody for his alleged links with the ISIS, sources told The Nation. According to the sources, the arrest of Jawad led to the disclosure of identities of these nine suspects who allegedly aided or supported him for his suspected activities.

All the detainees were shifted to an unknown location for further investigation while their identities were being kept secret due to security reasons, they said.

According to the sources, the intelligence agency has cast its net wide in the investigation of Jawad case, an alleged member of terrorist outfit Daesh.

The nine suspects were picked up after Jawad revealed his links with them during investigation conducted by the intelligence agency. The sources said: “The two suspects were picked up from Asghar Mall Scheme a couple of days ago while seven others were apprehended from Union Council Bhaagh Nagar, Sarae-e-Alamgir, district Gujrat — the native town of the main accused.”

A senior intelligence officer, when contacted by The Nation, confirmed the fresh arrests from Rawalpindi and Sarae-e-Alamgir on the revelation of Jawad.

He updated that four suspects were released by the investigators after questioning while five others were still in the custody and being grilled by the intelligence agency.  He further said that the investigation was underway and more arrests were expected in coming days. “We are committed to breaking the network of Daesh in Pakistan by arresting it’s all members” he said. 

On the other hand, the Rawalpindi police, Special Branch, the Counter-Terrorism Department Rawalpindi and other intelligence agencies visited Boys’ Hostel Number-II of RMU located at Asghar Mall Scheme and questioned the warden and other staff of the hostel.

According to an employee of the RMC, the police and other spy agencies were visiting the hostel to get more information about Jawad and his activities during his stay in the hostel.

He said that the security of hostel has been enhanced following the arrest of a student of the RMC and no outsider was being allowed to go inside the hostel. He said that CCTV cameras have been installed in and outside the hostel to monitor the activities of students and other suspected elements while record of all the visitors was also being maintained on a daily basis. 


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