Six-nation Speakers Conference starts in Islamabad

The Six-nation Speakers Conference including regional states China, Russia, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Turkey has started in Islamabad today. 

President Mamnoon Hussain inaugurated the conference during which the states will mainly discuss the issue of terrorism in region, means to maintain peace and stability, and increasing the connectivity between people and state. 

While addressing the conference, National Assembly Speaker Sardar Ayaz Sadiq stated that all participating countries hold historical relations and almost all countries have faced the menace of terrorism in one or another. 

“With cooperation this issue can be resolved and parliamentary diplomacy can play a vital role,” he said. 

The speaker asserted that differences among the states should not stop the process of peace and efforts to tackle the terrorism. 

While talking about role of Pakistan, he asserted that the country has faced most damages in this war and world need to recognize this. 

“Pakistan has faced loss of  $120billion in this war over the years along lives of thousands of its citizens,” he reiterated. 

Ayaz Sadiq emphasized a regional integration to restore the stability for all countries.  

While addressing the conference Speaker Senate Raza Rabbani slammed American Vice President’s remarks about Pakistan. 

“Pence has the audacity to say that Trump has given notice to Pakistan, no one can given notice to Pakistan, let alone US,” he asserted. 

“The world must know that Pakistan is a sovereign state and no none can dictate us,” he said. 

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