Good faith means sincere actions

Hardly a day passes when I don’t ‘quarrel’ with ‘terrific’ police, through calls at ‘15’, while moving from one place to the other and just because of traffic jams here and there.

I sometimes get late in reaching my office and other places. Same is the experience of many of my compatriots working in big cities who have started endorsing my labeling of traffic police as ‘terrific’ police. The road blocks sometimes make us feel that soon we will be left with only one option and that is fighting this terrific traffic and doing no other work at all.

But, now the good news has come that this ordeal is going to be over very soon since the biggies of police have taken up this challenge scientifically and determinedly by launching Rasta Application which IGP Punjab, Captain (r) Arif Nawaz Khan calls a game changer for traffic management of Lahore Police (isn’t it gladdening to know that we have another game changer added to some of our systems? Game changers are significant, whatever their scale, big or small.)

IGP appears to be concerned about the daily predicament of people whose working hours have squeezed so drastically. And now we are being told that traffic management system is being greatly reformed, being equipped with modern technology to facilitate the passengers during their journey and inform them about traffic updates.

Rasta Application envisages provision of direct services for citizens like route plan updates, online challan payment, E-Licensing and other features.

Above all, the IGP says it would save the precious time of the citizens. Now that’s the point. Someone has, at last, given serious consideration to the time factor in this timed existence where time is money, time is power and time (management) is success. Those in the know of things of this kind have informed me that the driving spirits assisting the IGP and this move through all its ups and down included the Chief ‘Terrific’ Officer, Lahore Rai Ijaz and IT prodigy, Dr Umar Saif. And, as I understand from the IGP’s explanation, this Application is also an efficacious antidote for police-citizen distances as well as for the dharna-caused sicknesses as it would guide the citizens about the protests, sit-ins, blockages and congestion due to construction works and other emergency situations on roads.

This is indeed a good combination i.e modern technology and policing which has reportedly helped in reducing the crime rate. Most important news related to this whole process is good citizen response since about 16,000 denizens downloaded this app as a testing of this app just before its inauguration.

Hearing so much ‘good’ takes us to another ‘good’ factor. I am referring to the latest letter initiated by DIG Operations Lahore, Dr. Haider Ashraf, through CCPO Lahore, Captain ( retired) Amin Wains, in which he has pressed upon police actions taken in good faith that are usually overlooked.

Yes, this is a fact that it is always the cops who have to bear the brunt, whatever their sacrifices and untiring vigilance. Very few people acknowledge their services that they render day and night at the cost of their own comfort, peace of life and even domestic priorities. And many times, the cops also stand in the dock even if they are compelled to act on the spot in good faith. Apparently, the term ‘good faith’ seems to be paradoxical if someone asks as to who would decide as to what has been done has been done in good faith or otherwise.

But, I think, it is not such a complex riddle to resolve, given the advancement in IT and other media of public awareness and awakening. So, there is no harm in giving full marks to Lahore’s CCPO’s and DIG Operations’ formal request put up to higher authorities that actions taken by anti-riot force/police in good faith must be given indemnity. This would, at least, work as a morale-booster for a force that is made to suffer in any circumstances and if this happens, optimum results and outstanding performance can be ensured without ‘wrath-and-punishment’ strategy (remember the religious scholars warning the retreating Roman soldiers from the front, with this ‘wrath’ factor?)

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