Poor mental healthcare in Pakistan


In Pakistan every year round table conference are done a mental health and incorporating it into the public dissections held by planning commission.

The high focus was on need to promote positive mental health, prevent psychological problem, and addresses the ever growing burden of diseases and disabilities caused by mental health disorder, but still population’s mental health needs and facilities are non-existing or far from the asses of common people, according to the research conducted by Aga Khan University showed that non-medical result of mental illness are far greater than the medical costs, and it is estimated that overall cost of mental disorders in Pakistan is over 250 Rs for annum, despite of availability of treatment the patient don’t receive it. Because of which present estimates 20% of Pakistan’s population is suffering from mental illness, and this figure includes children and adolescences.

The second reason of highly mental disorder rate is the lack of government concentration. In Pakistan only 0.4% budget is given to mental health while the developed country devote 5% of their health budget is given to mental health programs which purely clarify the future’s economic, social and human capacity frustration. Thus, I request to the government to please provide mental health treatment to the public and save the population from a disasters.


Kech, December 9.

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