Regional Solutions

The notion that occupations do not long last and eventually fail cannot be truer than in the case of Afghanistan. While American invasion of Afghanistan has produced nothing good but further destruction of the already one of the poorest nations in the world, regional powers like China and Pakistan along with the Afghan government are trying to bring stability and order in the country.

The upcoming trilateral meeting, on Tuesday, among foreign ministers of the three countries is an example of regional cooperation and effort to find a solution to the Afghan conundrum. The meeting is important for the themes outlined: mutual political trust and reconciliation, development, and counter-terrorism. The goal of the conference will be to find solutions through joint negotiations and dialogues to the continuing problems that Afghanistan is facing and their spillover effects on neighbouring countries.

Dialogue is the only solution to settle down the differences and conflict. This mode of settlement of disputes and differences is not only time-tested but has always produced meaningful outcomes as well. Speaker of the National Assembly, Ayaz Sadiq, also attested to the effectiveness of dialogue while talking to the President of Olesi Jirga of Afghanistan Abdur Rauf Ibrahimi and Afghan parliamentary delegation. The words of Mr. Ayaz Sadiq that stable Afghanistan is beneficial to Pakistan are proven again and again. From the recent developments on multiple levels between Kabul and Islamabad, one can infer that political leadership of both the states has realised that blaming each other will add nothing positive to the already chaotic situation of the region. Instead, focus on dialogue and cultural exchanges will bring the desired outcomes for both the countries.

While both sides have stressed on the need of dialogue many a time, emphasised on the commonalities between the two nations, it is about time to take meaningful steps. Actions instead of words will put the things on track. Nevertheless, the upcoming meeting of foreign ministers of China, Pakistan, and Afghanistan will be helpful in determining the future course of action. More and more steps of bilateral and regional cooperation are needed to bring peace to Afghanistan.

Also, it is encouraging to see how Pakistan has presented the case of a stable and independent Afghanistan in the Security Council (UNSC) last Saturday. One cannot agree more to what Pakistan’s representative said in the council that the promotion of political settlement and the pursuit of a military solution are mutually incompatible. Unlike the US, which being an imperial power is only keen on dictating and imposing its failed policy of militarism, the regional powers agreement on cooperation and negotiation will prove helpful in making Afghanistan stable and peaceful.

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