Shehbaz wins diplomats’ applause

LAHORE –  Ambassadors and high commissioners from more than 16 countries were all praise to the leadership of Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif and achievements made by his government at a meeting here on Sunday.

Detailed ideas were exchanged to boost investment and promote relations in various fields during the meeting.

The ambassadors and high commissioners paid tribute to leadership of Shehbaz Sharif in this 2 hours-long meeting and said that he had made Punjab a developed province with his hard work, determination and dedication. Kuwait’s ambassador said that he was popular because of his hard work and unusual dedication which led him to this place today and he prayed for his success. The Tajik ambassador said that elimination of load shedding was an incredible achievement as he remembered 9-hour load shedding in the past, but now it was dying down. Ambassador of Azerbaijan said that along-with Lahore entire Punjab was progressing which was due to his implausible vision.

Belarus ambassador said the CM had implemented his vision vigilantly through hard-work. Ambassador from Egypt said his government had achieved the set goals. Nigerian ambassador, while talking to CM, said that he himself had witnessed development and prosperity of Punjab. The projects of infrastructure have been executed really fast for which his performance was highly appreciated as Punjab province was moving toward improvement due to his commitment and passionate leadership. Sudan’s ambassador told CM that he was impressed by his speech last night in which he had given a wonderful message to his nation. The high commissioner from Sri Lanka said that under the vibrant leadership of Shehbaz revolutionary measures had been taken in the fields of education, health, energy and infrastructure. He said CM Punjab was a distinguished leader who worked hard on public welfare projects. Deputy high commissioner of Australia said that Punjab had achieved success under his dynamic leadership. The Consulate General of Turkey was of the view that development of Punjab was due to the robust leadership of Shehbaz. The Chinese ambassador added that Shehbaz had completed the project under “Punjab Speed” and the credit of making Punjab an ideal province went to him. He said due to his personal efforts work done in Punjab was palpable. Other diplomats also praised the leadership, hard-work and vision of Shehbaz.

Talking to the ambassadors, Shehbaz said government of PML-N had taken forward the vision of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah by completing development projects in the record period. He said Jinnah struggled for the separate homeland so that everybody could enjoy equal rights. Pakistan had been achieved so that everyone could live with respect and esteem through equal opportunities to excel in life. He said during the last 4 years, PML-N government had put the country on the right path and soul of Quaid must be satisfied with what they had achieved. He said despite all challenges, the country was moving forward.

“Punjab and federal government jointly established factories of 6000 megawatts of electricity as we have invested through our own resources. Projects in past were installed with borrowed money and those too with a lot of delay. PML-N government accepted the challenge and managed its own resources. Various projects have been installed and few of them have been completed which are adding thousands of megawatts of electricity in the National Grid.”

He said he believed that if there was a will there was a way. He said decisions made with consensus to fight terrorism had brought success.

“The fight against terrorism continues and Pakistan will win this war Insha-Allah,” he vowed. The CM said that terrorists and their facilitators had been eliminated largely but this war was still ongoing and they would not rest until the last terrorist is killed. He said, “If we go ahead with collective efforts and joint acumen, the success will be our fortune. The CM vowed that he would make the country such a peaceful and prosperous region where there won’t be any discrimination and violence rather rule of law and merit will be the order of the day. “It will be a country which will provide its inhabitants with basic needs and none of the poor will die because of his poverty. The difference between rich and poor will be bridged by fair distribution of resources and we will work hard to make Pakistan independent.” He said during the last 9 years, resources of billions of rupees had been saved through transparency and these resources were utilized for other public welfare projects.

He said, “Instead of financial assistance, we need skill development support and expertise from our friends. There is only one way of happiness and prosperity and that way is hard work, trust and transparency.”

Those who called on CM included Kuwaiti ambassador Nasser Abdul Rahman J Almutairi, Tajikistan’s Ambassador Jononov SherAli Saidamirovich, Ambassador of Azerbaijan Ali Alizada, Belaruss Ambassador Anderei Emolovich, Ambassador of Egypt Ahmed Mohammad Yaqoob, Ambassador of Nigeria Adebayo A Olaniyi, Ambassador of Mauritius Rashid Ali Soobadar, Sudan’s Ambassador Tahir Taha, Ambassador of Tunisia Adel Elarbi, Sri Lanka’s High Commissioner Jaya Nath C.P Lokuketagodage, Deputy High Commissioner of Australia Brek Btlay, Nazim from the embassy of Libya Nazir A. M Nabiyah, Turkish Consulate General Serdar Deniz, US Consulate General Ms. Elizabeth Kennedy Trudeau, Deputy Head Of Mission of Ukraine Ms. Vasyllvashko, Acting  Consulate General of China Mr. Wang Daxue and others.

Provincial ministers Mujtaba Shujaur Rehman, Malik Nadeem Kamran, Jehangir Khanzada, spokesman of Punjab government Malik Muhammad Ahmed Khan, chief secretary and high authorities were also present on this occasion.


Shehbaz Sharif talked in Russain, Arabic and English languages during the meeting with the ambassador and high commissioners of more than 16 countries yesterday.

He spoke in the Russian language with the ambassador of Belarus and in Arabic with ambassadors of Kuwait and other Islamic countries. Ambassador of Libya conversed in Arabic with the chief minister, on whom the chief minister translated the Arabic language into English. The diplomats praised the fluency of CM in various languages.

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