Sindh govt conspiring against Karachi: Kamal

KARACHI  – Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Mustafa Kamal on Sunday said that the Sindh government was conspiring against Karachi by changing constituencies and the whole country would suffer the consequences.

Speaking at an impressive rally at Liaquatabad flyover, one of the strongholds of Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan, Kamal said the population of Karachi was shown less than what it actually was in the latest census as part of a conspiracy against the city.

“When we aren’t even counted properly, then we have the right to stand up for being counted,” he added.

A large number of PSP supporters, activists and leaders attended the rally.

Addressing the rally that was aimed at highlighting the issues of Karachi, PSP Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal rejected the recent census drive in the Karachi city and said that a conspiracy was hatched by Chief Minister Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah and his party PPP to show low population in Karachi and deprive the city even of basic necessity like water.

“The game chief minister is trying to play on census is dangerous and is aimed at depriving Karachiites of their basic need of water,” he said.

He said that the Pak Sarzameen Party has now come out to serve the masses in Karachi and would also raise voice over injustice of K-Electric. “They had looted Karachiites by overcharging upto Rs 100 billion from the masses but we will ensure with the support of those ruling the country to return the extra charges to the masses,” he said.

He said that the transport system in Karachi is in worst condition and it should be upgraded on modern lines.

“The government should take immediate notice of the worst condition of education sector and its infrastructure in the city and investments be made on war footings and reforms be introduced in the sector to make improvements,” he said adding that similar steps should also be taken in health department.

He also demanded to setup cadet colleges in all six districts of the city and called for recruitments to be made from the city. He also demanded that new industrial zones be setup in the city and the existing ones be upgraded.

He said that the unemployment is creating frustration among youth in the city, therefore efforts be made to ensure recruitment of youngsters from Karachi in government employment.

The PSP chairman also demanded to empower local bodies system in the city and all institutes in Karachi be given under the power of Mayor Karachi and then these powers be exercised for the betterment of the masses.

The issue of provincial finance commission is still pending which is against the rules and therefore it should be issued immediately, he said.

He said that police officials are involved in allowing heavy traffic to enter the district central after taking bribe despite a route from northern by pass which was constructed from millions of rupees.

He said that the citizens are still being deprived of their valuables due to increased incidents of street crimes and if the authorities are unable to halt it then they should allow people in poor neighbourhood of the city to place barricades to avoid these incidents.

These issues could only be resolved when a Karachi based metropolitan police is established, said and further demanded of the Sindh government to separate Karachi master plan department from building control authority.

He said that the PSP is with the poor and deprived people of the country and is ready to fight for their rights till they achieve it.

“The feudal lords of the province are bent on depriving masses of their rights and it is due to them that the city had plunged into darkness,” he said adding that they are hopeful that the city that generates 70 percent revenue would once again become the city of lights.

He said that those who claim of the having the mandate of the city had done nothing for the masses and nowadays their MPAs are striving to save their illegal marriage lawns.

“There was a time when people come to Karachi for employment but now the Karachiites are even deprived of jobs,” he said today every Karachiite is asking for water, employment and better education facilities.

Other leaders of the PSP including Anees Qaimkhani, Raza Haroon and other also spoke on the occasion.

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