Technology has revived film industry, says Syed Noor

KARACHI – Arts council of Pakistan Karachi organised a session on “A journey of Urdu film” for the fourth day of international Urdu conference. Famous film director Syed Noor, most senior actor Manawar Syed, Qavi Khan and recently successful Director Nabeel Qureshi and writer Fiza Ali attended the session.

Syed Noor said: “He is seeing great and revolutionary changes in the film industry and today the future of film is better than the recent years. In the recent decades, the technology changed the way of watching movies and films today we have a new generation of viewers they not only have great knowledge but can criticise the condition and compare the creativity with the other industries.”

He further said if this new generation and technology has not appeared, the film industry in the Pakistan is about to end. The major factor that destroyed film industry was the breaking down of cinemas, he held.

Qavi Khan said it was not film industry that destroyed actors but it was the people of film industry who destroyed it. Each of us was pulling the legs of other and we were jealous of others success which led to end of the industry, he added.

Manawar Saeed said past was a golden era of our film industry. I worked more in Punjabi films than Urdu. He further said that the past of our film industry was great and we are looking for a great future of film industry in Pakistan. He urged people to visit cinemas houses for watching movies.

Nabeel Qurashi said we cannot denied the role of technology in the remergence of the film industry of Pakistan however hard work and dedication is more important than using technology. It was a hard time when I made Namlooom Afrad but now the situation of the city of Karachi has been changed. We have three sensor boards and even largest industries like Hollywood and Bollywood has only one sensor board. Fiza Ali said film is actually a dream and we convert it into the film and people come to watch dreams. Today social media has a great role in the promotion of films.

During a discussion session, Classical singer Hamid Ali Khan said music is about to end, the time has been passed when people were fond of classical music and the listen to the classical teachers. The era of Ustad Imanat Ali Khan and Ustand Salamat Ali Khan has been gone, the concern of media and other social and cultural organization and institute should focus on it,” Hamid Ali Khan said in a discussion at arts council of Pakistan in the fourth session of fourth day of international Urdu conference on the discussion on “The journey of Music In Pakistan”.

Arshad Mahmood, Amjad Hussain Shah, Mulahat Awan, Akhtar Waqar Azeem and Imran (Imu) also attended the session. He said that we should focus on the classical music and the singers who are related to classical music. He also praised Ahmed Shah and his team for remarkable work in the culture promotion.

Amjad Hussain Shah said that our musicians never give up and they always created beautiful music, they sing evergreen songs and we should never forget them. Our youth should take it with them instead they are ignoring it. Mulahat Awan said that it is our duty to promote music at any cost and it is the responsible of every institute and individual to promote music and participate in this promotion.

Arshad Mahmood, Amjad Hussain Shah, Akhtar Waqar and Imran said musician and organization should have close relation and contact this thing promotes music and Ghazal singing. We are not promoting Ghazals. Music and lyrics are not something that is out of understanding, they held.

Moreover, fifth and sixth session of the fourth day of international Urdu conference was dedicated to two famous poets Iftikhar Arif and Amjid Islam Amjad where the session was hosted by Wasut Ullah Khan. In the fifth session Iftakhar Arif said that I am a very week person, people chose to join the parties and different groups where I never did so. I started my poetry when I was in seventh class in Likhnew. It was a time when every child in Likhnew can say few verses of Ghazal without any knowledge so I had started my journey from there.

He greeted the Arts council of Karachi and the president of Arts council of Pakistan Ahmed Shah for his contribution in developing and promoting literature art and culture.

He recited some of his Ghazals which amused the audience.

Meanwhile, famous poet Amjad Islam Amjad said many people of literature are trying in different disciplines like writing poems, short stories and essays at the same time and one have the talent one should utilize it. I am really surprised to see the young people who are writing poems although the listeners are less then past and people know less Urdu, despite that we will have more people as a poet and writer in the future.

On a question why youth is not appearing, he said we waited for a long time and after twenty years new people will replace us. It is an evolutionary process and everyone has to suffer it, he added.

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