Arth 2 fails at box-office

LAHORE – Shaan Shahid’s latest film Arth 2 which was a remake of Mahesh Bhatt’s 1982 Arth has failed to impress critics and moviegoers. People have been showing their disappointment with the film on the social media platforms. With a hit combination of Uzma Hassan and Shaan Shahid, Arth 2 was expected to break a few records at the box-office. But unlike the previous films of this year, it failed to weave any magic. With each passing days, the numbers are deteriorating.

According to local box-office report, the film has managed to collect around Rs 7.5 million to 10.3 million in its opening which is a very poor start. It looks like the film will struggle a lot over the weekend to reach even Rs 30 million mark.

The movie has to pull its target audience to the theatres to be able to survive at the box-office. It needs to show tremendous growth in the evening and night shows to stand with decent opening days collections this weekend.

Recently, Shaan Shahid lashed out at the critics on his Facebook post and said, “Pakistani movie ‘ARTH’ is a nicely made movie. But unfortunately some so-called movie critics from Karachi gave very bad reviews. Which shocked me? Why there was intrigue. Why against movies which released from Lahore and what is the problem with Karachiwalas going against something which was in my view was very well made movie. Is there something happened to our intellectual thinking! Or is there a lobby to discourage Pak cinemas. Whatever is the reason?

“It was very unfair how they ganged up against Arth. It’s a good movie which has proper story line and script. It’s serious movie. It seems we are use to cheap and filthy jokes to get entertained. Don’t listen to these so called critics. If you want to see a well made and a serious movie than go and watch, you will love it. God bless,” he said.


Faizan Javed

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