Balochistan is in a state of commotion: Mengal

Quetta – Balochistan National Party chief Sardar Akhtar Mengal on Monday visited Methodist Church Quetta and inspected the affected area which was attacked by terrorists few days ago.

The attack had killed nine people and injured over 50. Talking to media persons, BNP chief said he was indecisive whether to say Merry Christmas to Christian community members or express solidarity with them over the last terror incident.

Mengal said if perpetrators could launch attack on Zarghoon Road in Red Zone –a reference to the assault on Methodist Church – they could target every place everywhere.

He also lashed out at rulers who he said had hid themselves in bunkers but had left people at the mercy of terrorists.

“There is a state of commotion in Balochistan and law and order situation is not encouraging,” Mengal was of the view.

He stressed the need for strengthening surveillance on borders and demanded of the government to expose those foreign hands – which rulers often claimed were behind every terror plot.

Mengal, lambasting the ruling government, said it was regretful that the government, who had been mandated by the masses, bitterly failed to provide security to people.

Senator Jahnzeb Jamaldini, Lashkari Raisani and other party leaders were also accompanied with Akhtar Mengal.

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