Dwayne blown away by reaction to Jumanji

LOS ANGELES – Dwayne Johnson is ‘blown away’ by the positive reactions to ‘Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle’.

The 45-year-old actor feels ‘’grateful’’ and overwhelmed by the feedback he has received from fans about his latest project, which sees him portray Doctor Smolder Bravestone in the fantasy action movie, alongside Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan and Jack Black. The star – who is also known as The Rock, which is a moniker he acquired when he was a professional wrestler – shared a short video on social media to thank his supporters. He captioned the post: ‘’Grateful and blown away by your reactions after watching Jumanji.’’ Dwayne – who has 16-year-old daughter Simone with his former partner Dany Garcia, as well as two-year-old Jasmine with his wife Lauren Hashian, who is pregnant with their second child together – has revealed he wanted the production to be a ‘’fun Christmas movie’’ that will be a timeless classic for families worldwide, like the 1995 classic starring the late Robin Williams has become. He continued: ‘’I wanted to make a fun Christmas movie for generations of families to enjoy around the world.’’ The muscular hunk has also dedicated the new release to ‘’all the lovers out there’’, and he hopes it will cause a baby boom. He concluded his post: ‘’I also wanted to make a movie for all the lovers out there.. when the sun goes down, the sexy smoldering eyebrow goes up when you see the movie.

‘’Yup, 9 months from now they’ll all be delivered… Jumanji babies enjoy the movie!’’ Dwayne continued to thank the audience for rating the film so highly, and he has joked he will allow couples who love make watching the movie to name their children after him. Speaking in the clip, he said: ‘’The biggest weekend of 2017 is among us, we have Christmas weekend, we have ‘Jumanji’ weekend, Christmas and ‘Jumanji’ all wrapped up in one. I want to say guys thank you so so much for loving ‘Jumanji’. This is our third day out in theatres and already you have made it a must see movie. Thank you so much.

‘’You have given us an A- cinema score, which is amazing. Our core audience family gave us an A cinema score, incredible across the board. And I am so grateful.

‘’I wanted to make a movie, a special Christmas movie, a movie for families, a movie for the kids, but also wanted to make a movie for an adult. A little date night movie, in a subtle, sexy movie. You are going to see the sexy smoulder tonight. You know what that means when you see this [smouldering face]. Lot of ‘Jumanji’ babies being made. You can name them Dwayne, you can name them Dwaynetta. Jumanji babies, enjoy the movie – in many ways.’’




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