Heard for first time

In all fairness, this scribe like millions of Pakistanis has heard these nice sounding words for the first time in life that if a US drone violated Pakistan airspace in future it will be shot down and these are quite straight ,bold and encouraging indeed.

These words have been sounded at the appropriate level of Air Chief Marshal Suhail Aman while addressing the opening ceremony of AirTech 17 at Air University in Islamabad the other day.

According to the reports in the media, the PAF Chief quite rightly made frank admission that we had committed a mistake in Osama bin Laden case but now the country’s sovereignty will be protected at all costs, the enemies are carrying out terrorist activities against Pakistan from Afghanistan, we cannot change our neighbours but PAF is fully equipped and eligible to protect the borders, even the Indian military officials admit the professional skills of the air force.

The Air Chief Marshal said that the attack on Kamra Air Base was the biggest and most unfortunate tragedy in PAF history, the terrorists managed to destroy one PAF SAB plane and also inflicted considerable damage to another, India was behind this attack as terrorists had nothing to do with the aeroplanes an international organization wanted 287 million dollars to cover the material but our young scientists and engineers added two new fully functional fighter planes to our fleet at a fraction of the cost, the neighbouring countries have tried to harm Pakistan great deal and India is at the top of list in this regard.

The PAF Chief made quite realistic analysis of the security situation, sounding a strong warning to all against airspace violation and categorically declared that JF-17 is better than F-16 in four disciplines and PAF will be able to sell weapons after fulfilling own requirements by 2020 and will also be launching a new satellite as well. All this is quite good, commendable and one can only say buck up to brave and courageous sons and daughters of the motherland manning the Air Force, please. Thanks.


Lahore, December 9.


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