Jansher demands removal of incompetents in PNSA

ISLAMABAD –  Former world squash champion Jansher Khan lambasted at Pakistan National Squash Academy (PNSA) for not producing even ordinary results, despite getting heavy funds.

Talking to The Nation, Jansher said: “I am highly surprised that why is PSF president Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman not taking action against the PNSA, as it has completely failed to produce even ordinary results and the latest debacle of local players in Pakistan Open is a clear indication that they lack wisdom and has no vision at all to take the academy forward.”

The record 8-time world open champion said that it was very disappointing to see not a single Pakistani player could even make it to the quarterfinals. I am upset that the local players are getting every facility, but their recent performances have badly hurt the feelings of millions of Pakistanis and me as well. If the player couldn’t deliver despite being fully facilitated, they should be removed to avoid such humiliating results.”

He said the facilities being provided to the local players are way ahead of top squash playing nations as they never invest heavily on senior players, instead they only lend minor support to junior players and get over-the-moon results in return.

But here in Pakistan, situation is completely different. “What is the purpose of prolonging the contracts of those, who are involved with PNSA. If they are not delivering, they must quit. If Pakistani players couldn’t win or perform in home tournaments, how can they do well in the international events?”

The living legend demanded the PSF president to either close down the PNSA with immediate effect or remove the incompetent persons, who have ruined squash and failed to deliver. “The PSF chief should initiate an inquiry to know the main reason behind the failure of PNSA players. The same players were producing much better results and also winning the PSA events, but ever since they were picked up by the PNSA, they couldn’t even produce ordinary results and were thrown out of the events in the very first hurdle.

“If non-professionals would be given the task of steadying the sinking ship of Pakistan squash, it is bound to decline with each passing day. I refuse to attend Pakistan Open and Chief of Air Staff 2017 Women Championship ceremonies, as I was fully aware about the outcome and I didn’t want to face the pain and agony in front of my eyes,” he added. But he welcomed the holding of $25,000 CAS Squash event for females, where Pakistani females also failed to excel due to lack of international exposure and the best facilities.

Jansher said the PSF should also give some importance to Balochistan Squash Association (BSA) like other associations, as the BSA was long overlooked and deprived of hosting events. “The local players are not being given what they deserve. It is high time when PSF top brass must pay heed and ensure at least one visit of top level management to address the genuine demands and grievances of the players and association and provide them justice.

He lauded the steps of PSF president for the promotion of squash in general and players in particular. “No one can deny this fact, as his personal involvement is the key that players are getting everything while matchless efforts and sincere work of senior vice president Air Marshal Shahid Akhtar Alvi also commendable. I hope my suggestions will be taken seriously, as I am not demanding anything for myself, but for the country and in the best interest of federation and players. Any further delay in implementation can inflict irreparable damages,” Jansher concluded.



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