Jinnah’s personality a beacon of light for all: Marriyum

ISLAMABAD – Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s personality is a beacon of light for all Pakistanis and the entire nation pays him glowing tributes on his 141st birth anniversary.

This was said by Minister of State for Information Marriyum Aurangzeb in her message on the occasion.

She said that Pakistan emerged on the map of the world as a consequence of a determined democratic and political struggle under Jinnah’s indomitable leadership.

The minister said that Muhammad Ali Jinnah achieved Pakistan through the power of intellect, unity, faith and discipline and his entire life represented an untiring struggle. He gifted an independent state to the Muslims through his lofty aims and contemplation, she said.

Aurangzeb said the present government was striving to tackle the challenges confronting the country in conformity with the philosophy and thinking bequeathed by the Quaid.

She said that our ancestors and founders of the country envisioned Pakistan as a democratic entity, which was ruled constitutionally.

Aurangzeb said that they wanted a country free of prejudices like racial discrimination and linguistic considerations where people enjoyed individual liberties and where sentiments like mutual respect and tolerance flourished.

She said the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) was trying to translate the vision and dream of Quaid and Iqbal into reality.

The minister said the vision of the former prime minister to eliminate terrorism from the country had almost been achieved as due to the strategies adopted in conformity with his vision and the unmatched sacrifices rendered by the armed forces and the law enforcement agencies, incidents of terrorism had been drastically reduced.

She said the prediction of Pakistan becoming bankrupt in 2013 had been proven wrong and Pakistan was being acknowledged as an emerging economic state around the globe.

“Praise be to God Pakistan is well on its way to peace, progress and prosperity.”

She said the pledge to end the energy crisis had been fulfilled as the country was producing more electricity than the demand for it.  The minister of state said that the people of Pakistan and the region would greatly benefit from the development of infrastructure, the CPEC, construction of motorways, Lowari Tunnel and the road network built by the present government.

She said that appreciable headway was also being made in the health and education sectors under the reforms programmes of the former prime minister.

Aurangzeb said that all the federating units were contributing to the overall development of the country.

She said that the simultaneous development of the federation and the federating units was reinforcing national cohesion, solidarity and the concept of a bright Pakistan.

Aurangzeb said that all Pakistanis had to make collective efforts to make Pakistan an impregnable democratic force adding that democracy would flourish in the times to come.

The minister said that in 2018 the country would witness power transition through ballot for the second time.

Aurangzeb said that the best tribute to Quaid-i-Azam was to follow the guiding principles bequeathed by him. “Let us all renew our pledge today to make Pakistan an Islamic welfare and democratic state in consonance with the spirit of his vision and through unity.”


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