Nan Khatai restores the sweet taste of tradition

Lahore – There are some flavours that transport people to past eras, bringing back childhood memories and long-forgotten sensations.

A sweet treat bought from a favourite baker shared with loved ones over tea that turned an ordinary day into a special occasion. It is this feeling of nostalgia that Continental Biscuits Limited (CBL) packaged into its Nan Khatai by its Bakeri brand.

The idea of transforming a conventional confectionary item into biscuits of the modern era is pioneered by Bakeri which became the first manufacturer of Nan Khatai in the confectionary industry of Pakistan.

NanKhatai is a traditional biscuit that has been around for a long time. As it is with recipes that have been passed down generations, the origin of NanKhatai has varying accounts of where it actually came from. Some credit the Mughals for bringing the recipe to the sub-continent, while others trace it to the Chinese.However, many historian claims Surat, a large port city of Gujerat in India, is the birthplace of NanKhatai.

No matter where it came from, NanKhatai had decided to stay. Famous all over Pakistan and across the South Asian region. NanKhatai has been enjoyed by generations with people consuming the sweet, slightly brittle confection as a favorite tea-time snack. 

In this connection, the new TV Commercial broadcasted by LU Bakery for Nan Khatai depicted as bringing a long distance to a place. There are many claimants of making the original taste of Nan Khati, but its brittle taste connecting with old traditions can only be found in Bakery’s Nan Khatai by LU. The long distance could not eliminate the same unique taste. Irfan Khan, the renowned actor cast in one the TV ads, says that he is always in search of brittle taste with the patronage of tradition.

Interestingly and somewhat unexpectedly, Bakery’s strategy to package the traditional sweet became a huge success when the biscuit was first launched in 2014. This was surprising because Bakeri’s NanKhatai was the first of its kind branded product in the market, competing directly with sweet biscuits offered by local bakeries.

What was interesting was that Bakery took a product that is an integral part of our culture and offered it to consumers in an affordable, hygienic and convenient way. Venturing into a niche market segment, Bakery’s rebranding a traditional recipe was quite a bold move. The traditional sweet treat became mainstream enticing competitors to launch their own versions of the product to tap into this market.

As NanKhatai has been around for a long time, the product had the advantage of both high consumer awareness and a developed taste and this helped make Bakeri’s Nan Khatai an instant hit in the local biscuit market.

The branded biscuit industry has seen a phenomenal growth during recent years. The top players have been reporting a double-digit increase in their compound annual growth rate since 2012. Market analysts attribute the growth of branded biscuits category to multiple factors including a transformation in the biscuit-eating habits of the Pakistani consumers, higher consumption of fast moving consumer goods, increasing market penetration and higher volumes.

There is a general rise in the awareness among people regarding the unhygienic processing of traditional recipes and unclean bakery kitchens remain a big concern for consumers who are increasingly switching to branded food. The predominant idea behind Bakeri Nan Khatai was the conversion from loose food to high quality packaged food that maintains the taste all the intricacies of flavor from the original recipe. And this approach has worked wonderfully for LU.

The packaging of Bakeri NanKhatai’s showcases the old walled city of Lahore and evokes images of NanKhatai’s rich heritage in the South Asia, rooted in the Mughal Era. The intricately detailed sketches in gold and red colors reflect the richness of the traditional taste. Nan Khataibecame the first Pakistan brand to be featured in the Packaging of the World (an international website that showcases the most creative packaging from all over the world).

So the next time you get a craving for the familiar taste of NanKhatai, open a packet of Bakeri’s Nan Khatai and immerse yourself in the sweetness of tradition remaining assured of the high quality.

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