No benefits of CPEC in Baluchistan


The main mission of CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) is Gawadar’s sea which is one of the world’s deepest seas. It’s clear that Gawadar is located in Baluchistan all the benefits must go to Baluchistan. Unfortunately, here the case is different Baluchistan gets none of the benefits from CPEC, rather the poor citizens are suffering due to CPEC. Mostly, the closed for two days which might affect the people. Sometimes the people from village move to city due to health problems, but the closure of roads sometimes is very costly for them. Besides, this the complete benefits of CPEC are given to Punjab. In Baluchistan people are suffering due to this but in second side other are getting the benefits. The ideology of our country is based on Islamic principles. So, the government must also follow the Islamic principles and there must be justice.


Kech, December 9.



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