A life between incarceration and assassination

It is an utter fact and whole heartedly believed in Muslim communities that there is no Prophet after Muhammad (peace be upon him), and his teachings serve the purpose of guiding every human soul till the final day of judgement. But the need of guidance is as imminent as the day of judgement itself is. So, God keeps sending some pious, resilient, brave, noble and dignified spirits whose existence becomes no less then messiahs. Their life becomes a manifestation of the great cause they preach and it revolves only around it wholly and fully. It is these people who become the glory of history and transfigure the shape of the destiny of their people. It wouldn’t be just to not to call them sacred angels tending to eradicate all vicissitudes. But not every one is bestowed upon with such grace and qualities. It is only a few lucky souls who demonstrate the extremeness of God’s generosity and His magnificent attributes.

So is the tale of a protagonist named Benazir Bhutto.

Pakistan may not remember  her in good name or try to defame her short spanned presence, but every struggle will almost go in vain as this brave woman has made to touch the golden pages of history. Benazir, a name truly deserved will never perish because unique and inimitable are the words that know no ends and thus are eternal.

To all those claiming her to be a heiress of rich political dynasty badly need to know that she never intended to be a politician but was plunged into this vast sea of blood and had to swim against the tide adding another permanent page in the book of legacy of the Bhuttos. She could never give up on what she had promised because she was destined to meet her father in the next world.

Her opponents and critics should be aware of the fact that she was given the access to PM’s office after a long heart breaking and nerve shattering struggle of almost 10 years and was not given the authority for being a PM’s daughter and coming of wealthy background or subordinating the atrocious dictator.

The road she was traversing through was paved with blood sucking thorns taking away all the male members of her family. Yet she was so unstoppable. The tragedies of engraving the blood relations before the very eyes can make a normal human being lose his senses and yet she was pushing herself firmly forward waiting for the day these long sufferings will bring fruit to the barren land.

In her book, Daughter of the east she mentions, while she was in solitary confinement in Sukkur jail: “Alone in my cell at Sukkur, I was being convinced that the regime was going to kill me. There ate terrible days ahead for you, one of the jailers whispered to me. I’ve seen a boy from your own hometown of Larkana with his toe nails pulled out, he said, tears filling his eyes. I don’t know how many can put up with that without breaking.

“Subconsciously, my body registered the tension. I began to push away the food the jailers brought to me , finding it difficult to swallow . I ate almost nothing, yet I became convinced that I was getting fat. My stomach seemed to extend. My rib cage felt larger.”

“As I lost more and more weight, the jail authorities who had been telling me that the regime wanted to sentence me to death now became nervous that I might die on my own. My health deteriorated rapidly. The conditions were so unsanitary, it’s remarkable that anyone lived. I suffered from repeated bouts of dysentery, malaria, cholera. My head was splitting with pain, the light at night slicing into my eyes so that I could not keep my self from screaming in agony.

“Death comes in the end, and I do not fear it, the animals of the regime can only eliminate people. They cannot eliminate concepts. The concept of democracy will survive. And in the inevitable victory of democracy, we will live again.”

After chronicling her name in history and vindicating the cause she was struggling for, going through immense physical and mental torture, she was not even allowed to complete her tenure.

She might have failed to be a great leader, an astute politician or a blunt opponent but succeeded to every extent as a brilliant DAUGHTER who risked every bit of her existence to make the BHUTTO name an insignia of iron will. There could hardly be any tyranny that did not form the part of  the long torture of 10 years.

Her term might not let women discrimination to be ended in all its forms but she surely played the role of an exemplary woman that can give light of hope to every passionate woman out there and to let her decide her course and to win liberty for herself. She emerged out a triumphant warrior in the battle that was imposed on her for being a woman resisting the traditional norms of contesting and being elected to the highest office of the state. Her grandeur persona that stood up to the ruthless dictator of that time is an indication of enthusiasm to all those who want to stand up to all such dictators of all times.

She might have been that successful apparently but she had stirred masses that is the attribute of those who tend to rescue the wretched and the destitute. She was conscious of the idea that she had chosen a path that could leave her in ruins but her sagacious and resilient walking made it praiseworthy as her destiny was to gain her an eternal name.

Her martyrdom did not only shroud a political figure and a head of a political party, but a messiah and a beacon of inspiration for many generations to come who desire to leave a never ending mark of human will. People of Pakistan have her memory instilled in their hearts and she continues to motivate her followers even from her resting place. 

Everyone who is a pursuer of truth, fighting a just and right cause, is in low spirits to face the atrocities, wants to emerge out a heroic character can openly look upon the long tale of impeccable character named Benazir.

The best way to pay tribute to this heroic leader is to generate such nerves that will never deceive one’s dedication to ones cause. Her political existence starting from incarceration and ending at her assassination only gained her a new beginning, a life of eternity.

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