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IIUI, University of Africa

to join hands


ISLAMABAD: The International Islamic University and University of Africa, Sudan finalised matters for signing a memorandum of understanding for bilateral cooperation and academic excellence through joint ventures.

This was decided in a meeting between IIUI President Dr Ahmed Yousif and Ambassador of Sudan Taj Addin Al-Hadi.

The meeting was also attended by Dean Arabic faculty Dr Bashir and faculty members from Sudan working at the IIUI.

The two varsities intend to launch short courses of Arabic language for faculty and students through mutual cooperation. The varsities also agreed on arranging seminars and conferences on important issues.–INP


VIPs movements irk twin

cities commuters


ISLAMABAD: Huge traffic jams are being witnessed on daily basis on Islamabad Expressway, IJP Road and Murree Road, forcing people to wait for long as the police frequently block traffic to facilitate the VIP movement.

On Sunday and Monday, the Islamabad Expressway and IJP Road witnessed long queues of vehicles stuck in the traffic jams during foreign VIPs’ visit for Speakers’ conference.

One side of the IJP Road remained blocked from Pir Wadhai to Faizabad as the traffic police stopped the traffic from crossing the Faizabad flyover for security reasons.

The three lane road was giving a scene of sea of vehicles waiting to move.

Two ambulances carrying bodies were also stuck in the traffic while the sick who wanted to move to Holy Family and Benazir Bhutto hospitals also suffered, drivers caught in the traffic mess said.

Liaquat Jadoon, a passenger in a taxi cab said that he wanted to reach the Holy Family Hospital to accompany a dead body for Haripur but was stuck up. He said that he had no option but to leave the taxi and move on foot to reach the hospital.

Annoyed drivers of trucks, taxi cabs, cars and others said that it had become a routine to stop the movement of traffic ahead of the movement of a VIP without caring for difficulties of the common people.

Some women drivers who refused to be identified said that they suffered the most as they had to reach home and office in a given time as they are required to attend the family affairs.

On the whole, the annoyed commuters said that the government must ensure that the movement of the VIPs from and to the airport must be done through helicopters and if this was not possible, the maximum time for stopping the traffic should not be more than five to ten minutes to minimise the sufferings of the masses.–INP


Poster competition on environmental issues held


ISLAMABAD: A national poster competition was held on Tuesday at Allama Iqbal Open University to highlight emerging issues relating to environmental sciences.

The competition titled “Recent trends in Environmental Sciences: Current Scenario, Challenges and Advances” attracted a large number of students and researchers. The event was part of the ongoing socio-economic activities undertaken by the AIOU.

As many as 17 groups, each consisting of two students, participated in the competition. The participants exhibited posters and gave presentations based on research related to the latest information on global and national environmental topics including environmental art, zoo management, alternate energy resources and solid waste management.

The competition provided an opportunity to underline the responsibility of both public and private sectors regarding environment projection.

First prize was given to BS Microbiology students Tariq Saleem and Ali Mir for presenting management challenges to zoos in twin cities, while Atiqa Durrani and Sadia Abbas received second prize on highlighting the use of street art, miniature and sculpture in sensitising the society about climate change impacts.

The third prize was given to BS Environmental Sciences students Ayesha Zafar and Sara Hassan on presenting solutions to solid-waste pollution in AIOU’s departments.


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