Just like institutions, elected PM is also prestigious: Maryam

LAHORE –  Former prime minister Nawawz Sharif was punished for calling spade a spade and speaking the truth, said Maryam Nawaz, daughter of ousted premier.

Addressing the PML-N social media team at Model Town here yesterday, Maryam said Nawaz Sharif always preferred to tread on the right path instead of an easy one and now he has decided to fight for justice for the sake of people. She said democracy cannot be adulterated and those who dance to the tune of the umpire cannot be called democrat.

“It is the ideology of Nawaz Sharif that no-body can ‘subtract’ anybody who has been ‘added’ by the people through their votes. And two, three or five persons cannot impose their opinion or decision on the 200 million people. If other institutions are respectable, the office of the prime minister must also be given respect as an attack on the PM is attack on the voters,” she said.

Maryam said Nawaz repeatedly paid the price for speaking the truth.

“He knows what is the cost of refusal to take ‘dictation’ and take stand against the dictator and face exile,” she added.

Alluding to PTI Chairman Imran Khan, she said, “Here someone is using and someone is being used and it is only Nawaz who stood like a rock against every pressure and temptation.” She said her father always emerged stronger from the difficulties and transferred the fruit of his hard time and struggle to the masses and to a sustained democracy. Maryam said dharna, lockdown, Dawnleaks, Panama, Aqama and other such things were brought in to put pressure on Nawaz but he faced them with valiance instead of sitting home calmly after compromising with the situation. She said his father had announced to struggle for justice in the country caring least what plight his family will face. It is because of the pain he feels for the masses, she said adding, we all have to live in this country and die here and asked the audience to promise her to stand with Nawaz in his struggle for justice in the country.

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