Pasban questions govt’s utility in era of judicial activism

KARACHI – Welcoming the suo motu notice taken by the Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Saqib Nisar of steep rise in fees of private medical colleges, Pasban-e- Pakistan President Altaf Shakoor on Tuesday asked as to what was the utility of other state institutions if everything was to be decided by the apex courts.

He said parents and civil society had been crying for a long period of time that the private medical colleges had become money making machines.

He further said there was a lot of outcry over the dismal standards of education at private medical colleges and their unreasonably high fees, but the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) was hand in glove with the owners of these colleges.

Altaf said the standards of medical education in Pakistan were already not very good, and the role of private medical colleges had contributed a lot to further deteriorating these standards.

“Why billions of rupees are spent on ministries and ministers when they do not take action in the larger public interest and finally the apex courts have to intervene to safeguard the basic constitutional rights of citizens,” he said, and asked, “Should we lock down the government offices and ministries and set up more courts with the budget saved in this way?”

He questioned as to why other state institutions were not discharging their duties and further burdening the courts that were already burdened with a large number of pending cases and ever growing litigation. Pasban president said education was crucial for the socio-economic uplift and this very important sector in Pakistan needed a complete overhauling, as without a top class education we could not make Pakistan a top class country. Pasban leader also called for the introduction of same syllabus and same fees at both government and private educational institutions.

He said there were many other sectors and fields for making profits and the education sector should be spared from cruel commercialization and shameful corruption for the sake of coming generations. He said the government should build at least one university in every district on priority basis, or there should be one university campus in every district to facilitate citizens, if building a full-fledged varsity in not possible in every district.

He said all district headquarters hospitals should be upgraded to teaching hospitals to improve healthcare facilities at the grassroots level.

He said this would also save people, living in rural areas, from travelling to big cities for getting medical treatment.

He said like education and healthcare, public transport sector, particularly in Karachi, also needed attention of the apex judiciary, as the parliament and government had already failed to address this sensitive issue, directly affecting daily life of millions of citizens.

Altaf said that with better education, healthcare and public transport systems, we could create a better Pakistan, a befitting gift for our coming generations.




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