Reform Madressah education

IT is undeniable fact that instinct of extremism and resurgence can not be diminished until and unless we reform madressah education. Army chief Gen Qamar Bajwa is right: too many madressahs in Pakistan are providing their students with an education that leaves the students ill equipped to find employment or adjust to the modern world.  

It is de facto that sentiment of extremism cannot be exculpated merely by resistance by the law and enforcement agencies. The fundamentalist dissenters have brainwashed the budding minds in the name of jihad for winning will of Allah and earn the everlasting life in paradise. The madressah based education is not moderating the mind of fragile disciples. Here the religious fanatics give disservice to people. There seems the oversight of government because the teachers who teach in madressah are bigot and less educated regarding true essence of religion Islam. Those devotee students who are taught by their contemporary teachers are not modest in approach and same student shall teach in that madressah for next generation.  

He gains the meager stipends monthly by teaching. If this setup is intact then we shall face next generation carrying the same sentimental thoughts. We will fight extremist and victory is inevitable. There are some propositions if government takes formidable steps to redress the textual lessons of religious books. The faculty teachers who teach in madressah be given training to meet with modern traits of living and their monthly stipend be equaled with 17 grade officer. If they avail nominal fringe benefits then there is ray of hope that they shall produce responsible citizens and become the champions of humanity. The only plausibe solution to this hardcore issue is tangible reforms in madressah education. 


Larkana, December 12. 

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