Senate, general elections seem a reality now

LAHORE –  A likely move by the PTI and the PPP to forestall the upcoming Senate polls through dissolution of the two Provincial Assemblies is no more an option under consideration of the two parties, The Nation has learnt.

Perhaps it was against the backdrop of a deadlock over the Delimitations Bill that the PTI had previously thought of dissolving the KPK Assembly to disrupt the Electoral College for the Senate elections.

The PTI leadership was then confident that the PPP would also follow the suit and dissolve the Sindh Assembly.

The move under consideration at that time was aimed at stopping the PML-N from gaining majority in the Upper House now dominated by the Opposition parties. Though the PPP had not openly the supported this idea, it would not take a clear position, whenever, asked to comment on the issue.

“The Senate elections are too far away to think on these lines,” this was the official response coming from the party spokesperson Fawad Ch who was asked if the PTI was still contemplating the dissolution of the KPK Assembly to stop the Senate polls.

It may be recalled here that until two weeks back, the party spokesperson would have no hesitation in stating that PTI may consider this option to prevent the polls as he is on record having talked about on the issue. When contacted, PPP’s central Secretary Information, Ch Manzoor Ahmad also seemed least interested in answering the same question.

He said that PPP had never talked of any such proposal under its consideration. “We will take a decision if such a situation arises”, he said, implying, thereby, that his party was not considering it as an option.

With the passage of Delimitations Bill by the Senate last week, there seems no visible hurdle in the way of general elections being held on time.

Likewise, as the things stand today, there seems greater likelihood of the Senate polls taking place as per schedule. Half of the Senate members will retire on March 10, 2018.

The National Assembly and the four Provincial Assemblies are scheduled to elect new members of the Senate in the first week of March, while the general elections are due in July, 2018.


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