Urs starts from tomorrow

LAHORE -Three-day celebrations of the Urs of Hazrat Sheikh Syed Abdul Qaadir Saani (RA) will start from Thursday at his shrine situated at Birdwood Road linked Waris Road, Lahore.
The Urs celebrations will start after Maghrib prayers with ‘chaadar poshi’ and ‘Charaghaan’. After Friday prayers, a Naat congregation will be held while Muhammad Naeem Zahoori Kasuri, Khursheed Ahmad Golarvi and Liaqat Ali Qadri will recite Naat. Food will be distributed after Asr prayers.
After Isha prayers, the Urs congregation will be addressed by Allama Nazakat Hussain Golarvi, Qari M Qasim, Hamad Ali Shah, Pir Noor Ilahi Anwar and M Ajmal Qadri. On Saturday, the Urs activities will be concluded after Asr prayers with Dua.

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