In the name of humanity!

Recently, I observed some news over the Indian news channels. It was shocking for me to see what they were reporting over the Kulbhushan Jadhev’s family meeting with him. The Indian media was twisting the reality and was and is of the view that Pakistan is letting him meet with his family or any of the members on the pressure of the International Court of Justice (ICJ). 

Pakistan purely is allowing any such meeting only on the humanitarian basis. It is yet to establish when any member of his family is to meet him. The practice of distorting facts is no more than a bluff to the Indian nation by its media. It also explores the intentions of the Indian media and the government. They cannot live without bashing its neighbor no matter how sincere efforts it is putting to mend the relations or it is doing an act in the name of humanity. 

Because of the internal tussle going on within Pakistan, we could not cash the opportunity to show the real face of India to the world. On the other side, Indian premier in Bangladesh appreciated the efforts of Hindu terrorists who fought against Pakistan Army in 1971. He lauded Indians taking part in the internal matters of Pakistan. Sadly speaking, unless trek to London, Dubai, and American of our leaders is ended, the country will keep on moving the way it is. 


Lahore, December 15. 


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