Past in Perspective

“Speaking as a soldier, we never have hundred percent certainty. If you wait until you have hundred percent certainty, something bad is going to happen on the battlefield.”

Climate change is of growing concern for the world, and it should be a major concern for the countries like Pakistan that depends heavily on the agricultural sector. As reported by the Center for Naval Analyses, a non-profit research organisation, that in the near-future climate change is a concern of national security. This phenomenon was witnessed in Syria where the drought of 2006-10 precipitated the conditions for the Arab Spring, among other variables, by a climate-induced loss of livelihood of 800,000 people. The agitation was further aggravated because of the presence of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi refugee after the invasion of Iraq.

Pakistan shall focus on the climate change because it is a concern for national security in the coming future. Our economy is dependent on agricultural sector that is dependent on the water availability. Scarce supply of water, as predicted by the experts, and increased climatic temperature will not only be a cause of a humanitarian crisis and food shortage but also of national security.

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