Political stability to ensure progress: PM

HARIPUR –  Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi on Wednesday said that a country can only progress when there was political stability and reiterated that the PML-N government, despite numerous challenges would complete its Constitutional term and foil attempts of those who wish to sabotage the democratic process.

Addressing a gathering after inaugurating the 47-km long section of the Bhurhan-Shah Maqsood interchange of the six-lane Hazara Motorway, he said that the people of Pakistan know perfectly well who has served them sincerely and they would again vote the PML-N to power in the next general election.

He said that political decisions were not taken at courts and through sit-ins and regretted that had there been no instability due to the sit-ins, the government could have done much more for the people.

Abbasi said that the PML-N faced grave challenges and boldly confronted terrorism, economic meltdown and dirty politics of sit-ins.

He said that only political stability and continuity can ensure progress of country and said those wishing to topple the government, would be sadly disappointed.

He said that he believes in politics of decency and without entering into politics of verbal abuse and mudslinging, has done practical work to serve the masses.

He termed July 28 a difficult day for the government; the day when former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was disqualified, and said the PML-N handled it well and those getting ready their ‘sherwanis’ will not gain anything.

He expressed the hope that the remaining section of the Hazara Motorway at Manshera would be inaugurated in May and said that it was a challenge for the NHA that needs to be met.

He said that the people of the area can express their gratitude at the time of voting in the general election.

He said that the PML-N would again form the next government to ensure that the march towards prosperity and progress continues.

Abbasi said that it would have been better, if Nawaz Sharif had inaugurated this project, as it was his vision.

He termed the opening of the road a revolutionary moment for the people of Hazara and said that it would bring real change in the lives of people in real terms. He said thst former Prime Minister visualised this project and has to his credit the groundbreaking and opening up of an under-developed area.

He said that the Motorway would serve as a milestone for the people of Hazara and generate economic activity besides allowing easier access to the people of Mansehra.

He said that almost one crore population of the region would directly benefit from the opening up of the new road as it would attract hundreds and thousands of tourists from across the country.

He said that during nine-year rule of Pervez Musharraf and five-year rule of Asif Zardari, not even a single significant project was completed in this area. He said that such projects need vision, commitment and sincerity of purpose.

He said that the total length of motorways in the country would exceed 2600 km in near future and link all areas of the country.

He said that both Musharraf and Zardari and the KP government need to tell what they really did for this area.

He said that the country today has overcome loadshedding by adding a massive 11000 MW to the national grid and natural gas and today Pakistan was exporting urea, unlike the past when it had to import due to shortage of gas.

He was particularly appreciative of the Chinese company that came up with a quality project that has been completed on time.

Addressing the 59th parents day event at the Cadet College Hassanabdal, Prime Minister Abbasi said that Pakistan was now on the path of progress with a vibrant democracy and a strong economy and said higher standards in education would take the country further ahead on the path of prosperity.

Abbasi lauded the contributions of the students of this college in nation building and said that it was producing leaders of tomorrow.

Abbasi who earlier witnessed a parade by the students said that he was impressed by the display of skills of the young cadets and said that it reflected the quality of education and high standards of training imparted at the college.

Abbasi was also appreciative of pursuing the policy of merit and said that the cadets were here because of their own efforts and not because of favouritism.

He said they were among the less than 2 per cent of those who applied for admission and had the abilities to be selected through a tough competition.

He said they will pass out from the college to serve as leaders of tomorrow, in politics, military, industry and whatever profession they choose in Pakistan and abroad.

He said that excellence was a norm at the Cadet College Hassanabdal, which was delivering Abdalians, who were a brand in itself.

He said that distinguished Abdalians were in every field at high positions in the world and added the mere word Abdalian symbolises character discipline and integrity, besides being patriotic Pakistanis and good human beings.

He was also very appreciate of the rigorous standards maintained by the Principal and the faculty in delivering quality education and the skills to the young students and said that it would go a long way in building a strong Pakistan, and for imparting the vital integrity and character-building.

He lauded the standards and provision of modern facilities for the students.

He said that the alumni and the Punjab and the Federal government would play their part in ensuring that all possible needs of the college are met.

He said that the expansion programme of the Cadet College Hassanabdal would be fully funded by the Federal government through the Public Sector Development Programme.

He was also appreciative of the national integration efforts of the Principal and lauded him for inducting students from Balochistan, not on quota, but on merit.

Abbasi announced two salaries for the faculty, besides Rs 20 million contributions to the Endowment Fund for the faculty for delivering quality education to the young cadets.

He said that the parents should be very proud of the fact that their children were getting the best education available anywhere in the country.

He said that they would avail the opportunity to get best friends, who will stand by them throughout the life.

He also pointed to his two Cabinet colleagues, both Abdalians, Khurram Dastgir Khan and Khawaja Muhammad Asif, who were also present on the occasion.




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