RISJA elects new office-bearers

ISLAMABAD – Afzal Javed of Founders Panel, who had support of three-way alliance, became the new President of Rawalpindi-Islamabad Sports Journalists Association (RISJA) after securing 19 votes in the elections held at Pakistan Sports Complex, Media Centre Wednesday. Senior sports journalist Nasir Aslam Raja was the chief election commissioner, while Syed Arsalan Ababs Shirazi and Rozina Ali as members. Out of 47 members, 45 votes were casted while one vote of Ababs Shabbir was rejected for violating election code of conduct. Afzal begged 19 votes while Mohsin Ijaz of Workers Panel could get 14 and M Shafiq Raja could attain 11 votes. Nasir Abbas Naqvi, Workers Panel, and Yasir Nazar Awan, Young Journalists Panel were jointly elected a secretary. Nasir Abbas will complete first tenure for a year till January 1, 2019 on the basis of toss while Yasir will serve in the second year. Zahid Yaqoob Khawaja of Founders Panel become Senior Vice President, Zahid Awan while Zeeshan Qayyum and Arif Mehmood elected vice presidents. Aqeel Anjum and Amber Ali elected as joint secretaries.

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