Story of emerging MMA fighter Muhammad Imran

Muhammad Imran is a MMA Fighter from Team Pakido. Imran was born in Gujjar Khan.

Muhammad Imran ‘The Spider’ holds the MMA record of 5-1. He is fighting in the Co -Main Event in ONE Championship which is the 2nd biggest MMA organization in the world on 20th January in Jakarta, Indonesia. 

In a statement he said “I couldn’t have much choices in my life as sports or hobby due to the poor circumstances.”

“My father was a handicap with out legs by born, and he died when i was 15 years old. None of my brother or sisters had school education because of same reason of not having jobs,” he further added. 

He also shared that luckily he went to Pakido Martial Arts with his elder brother Muhammad shahid pro MMA fighter with record 2-2.

He was picked their on scholarship so i got the same way.

“In first 3-4 years i couldnt get any attention by my teacher coz there were many seniors same time in the gym at that time,” he recalled. “My teacher ‘Jalil Ahmed’ always motivated us to stay positive and strong.”

He has many achievement both in submission grappling and pro MMA fights but still couldn’t get much recognition. 

Imran is also winner for Pak Fight Club 5 straw weight Champion.

He won 3 national Submission grappling events with most submission then any other grappler in championship.

While talking about ONE FC contract he said that this contract has brought a new hope and motivations and he is hoping new life and career in future. 

Right now he is a trainer at Pakido Martial arts which is Pakistan’s first MMA gym. 

“I am very excited and motivated for this fight and InshAllah I will win this fight and raise the name of the country my teachers and team,” he asserted. 

He said  that It’s a big opportunity for him and he will fight his best and will be victorious . “I suffered a lot in my life and I think it’s my time now to show the world that Pakistani MMA Fighters are not less than any other fighter,” he said. 

Imran’s opponent name is ‘Stefer Rahardian’ he is a Indonesian MMA Fighter.

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