UNGA resolution a ‘slap’ on Trump’s face

HAFIZABAD-The resolution passed by the United Nation General Assembly rejecting the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel by the US was widely lauded by the social, political and religious workers.
They termed the UNGA resolution a slap on the face of US President Trump and advised him to desist from injuring the sentiments of Palestinians in general and Muslims in particular.
They urged the US President to withdraw his decision to recognise Qibla-i-Awal as the capital of Israel. They expressed their solidarity with the Palestinians and vowed to resist any attempt by the US President to shift its embassy to Jerusalem. They called upon all the political and religious parties in general and Muslim Ummah in particular to unite on one platform to foil evil designs of anti-Islam forces.
PLEDGE: PML-N leaders welcomed the decision of PML-N president Nawaz Sharif for nominating Mian Shehbaz Sharif as the next PML-N candidate for the slot of Prime Minister.
Addressing the youth of the area, Muhammad Kashif Randhawa, General Secretary PML-N, Youth wing Punjab, said that there was no dissension within Sharif brothers. He said that all the conspiracies against the Sharif brothers would be foiled as workers of the party were fully united.
CATTLE HEAD DISTRIBUTED: The Livestock Department has so far distributed 40,500 goats, sheep, cows, buffaloes and calves to poor women under the CM campaign in the province, said Dr Ghulam Muhammad Gill, Director General Livestock.
MNA Shahid Hussain Bhatti, MPAs Malik Fiaz Ahmad and Asad Ullah Arain distributed 200 cattle among the poor and deserving women and widows. They said that the scheme would not only empower the women but also go a long way in providing meat and pure milk to the consumers. They further said that so far 700 cattle have been distributed in the district in two phases.
The Director General further said that more cattle would be distributed in the third phase shortly. Moreover, in case of death of cattle the recipients would be provided anther cattle, he maintained.

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