Valid life in Pakistan

A species of animal or plant that no longer lives anywhere on the earth is said to be extinct. Many living things are in danger of becoming extinct. Because so few are left these species of plants and animals are endangered without special protection, besides this, the mountain gorilla, Panda, Bengal tiger are some example endangered species. Before woolly flying squirrel, snow leopard found in Northern area and Baltistan, Gilgit falcon and Baluchistan Bolan urmar etc. However, in Pakistan like this over the years many valid life population has been decreased bin a large number, and second side people threaten wild life is damaging their habits by clearing forests for mews void’s, farms and cities. And many valid life population has also been harmed by the use of pesticides, and there is great environment problem in Pakistan sewages and industrial wastes are treats to aquatic life. Like this valid is being extinct in Pakistan. So, I request to the government please take a serious action to protect the valid life. 


Turbat, December 12. 

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