AIDS Centre

It is an established bitter fact that AIDS is a killing disease and the doctors are constantly advising the people in general and the AIDS victims in particular to remain away from unhealthy activities and strict to the preventive measures for ensuring their good health.

It is good to note that the Punjab AIDS Control Programme is rendering appreciable services in this regard and gradually expanding its activities to cover more and more people under the programme for ensuring better health for the people.

The AIDS Control Programme is now opening a new centre for HIV/AIDS patients at Jalalpur Jatttan to ensure availability of its services across the province to still larger number of people and preparations are in advanced stages of finalization in the regard.

The AID Control Programme is taking all-out steps for the treatment and ample stocks of anti-retroviral medicines are available at all its centres. The AIDS Control Programme provides anti-retro-viral medicines, counseling and test services to all the patients visiting its centres throughout the province.

The AIDS Control Programme, which is working under the Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department, has set up 15 treatment centres and 11 Voluntary Confidential Counselling and Testing Centres in the province at which free services are provided to the patients.

The centres so established and gradually being added are providing good services to the people which is quite appreciable indeed.


Lahore, December 15.




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