Councillors stage protest against Mayor

Islamabad – The councillors of the union councils of Islamabad on Thursday staged a protest demonstration against Mayor Islamabad, Sheikh Anser Aziz at a councilors’ meeting for not providing them adequate funds and resources.

Soon after the proceedings began, the councillors stood up in their seats and started chanting slogans of “Go mayor Go,” in the house. The meeting had to be suspended and the councillors were called out of the house for ‘negotiations’. Holding placards against the Mayor who presided over the meeting, the councillors protested that he did not work sufficiently to resolve their issues. They complained that the union councilors always faced hurdles in completion of their work, were not given adequate resources and not paid stipend. They warned that if they were not allowed to work independently, they will not let the system work.

The security guards and police commandos kept the protesting councilors away from the hall however.

They criticized the Mayor for accepting the position of CDA chairman and demanded that he resign from his post otherwise face resignation of around 550 councilors in protest. The councillors lamented that the development work did not benefit any rural area in the city. Mayor on the other hand, told the councillors that because MCI is a new government institution, it will take time to get strengthened.

He said that the rules of business, administrative structure, and service rules are yet to be notified. He said the MCI is still using funds of CDA for necessary disposal of work. He told the councilors that the system is not working due to some legal complications.

The Mayor assured the protestors that they will release funds and honorarium as soon as the MCI gets funds.


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