Govt planning strategy to go after tax-evaders

Minister of State for Finance, Rana Muhammad Afzal Khan says the government is devising a strategy to go after the tax-evaders, reported Radio Pakistan.

Talking to media persons in Islamabad, he said initially ten thousand people have been identified on the basis of data obtained by the government, who would be brought under tax net from next month.

He said these potential taxpayers have been identified in different fields including education, property and other services sectors.

The minister said in order to broaden tax net, an amnesty scheme is also under consideration to facilitate Pakistanis bring back their money from abroad.

He said the number of tax return filers has increased from 0.914 million last year to 1.14 million during the current year, which is a positive sign.

Rana Muhammad Afzal said the country poised to easily achieve 5.8 percent GDP growth rate and expressed the hope that the target of six percent is also achievable.

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