IS Attacks Kabul

The yesterday’s attack on Afghan Voice, news agency, in Kabul that has claimed the lives of more than 40 people and resulted in inflicting injuries on 30 civilian carried out by the “defeated IS in Iraq and Syria” is an indication of the fact that the organization is going nowhere soon. Washington didn’t take the opinion of the experts, who dared to dissent, feared that Afghanistan might be IS’s potential operational ground after the defeat of this militant outfit in Iraq and Syria. They were ridiculed, as triumphalism and euphoria were all over the place.

While the signs of IS presence in Afghanistan were found in 2014, it is this year that these dissenting voices are proven right. The recent attack is more than sufficient reason to believe that the militant organization has chosen Afghanistan as the new battleground. This argument stands strong as IS targeted Kabul 16 times in the year 2017 only.

The attacks that have resulted in deaths of at least 338 people in Kabul reveal the ineffectiveness of the US way of eliminating the terror group. It is understandable that the US policymakers are frustrated for consistently failing in devising a strategy to curtail IS. However, admitting one’s failure is more honorable than blaming others. Even American argument that Pakistan sponsors Taliban holds no water in the present case. For all know too well that IS is not only fighting the US troops in Afghanistan but also Taliban.

The US needs to realize that invasion of Afghanistan was its worst mistake in its recent past. Instead of using Pakistan as fuel for its nonsensical adventurism and forcing Islamabad to do more, the US needs to accept that its adventurism in Afghanistan has brought no good to anyone. The encouraging development is that Pakistan’s military has decided not to act upon foreign dictations anymore in the war on terror. Whether the military establishment sticks to its commitment or not, time will tell.

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