Sale of adulterated foodstuffs on the rise

KASUR – Sale of adulterated foodstuff across Kasur district speaks volumes about the negligence on the part of the officials concerned.
According to a survey report, people are suffering from digestive disorders and other stomach-related diseases due to frequent consumption of spurious foods. All the daily-use items that are sold at shops including salts, spices, ketchup, sugar preserved fruits etc. are unhygienic and injurious to human health as they are manufactured through artificial means. It has been learnt from the confirmed sources that food manufacturers do not use red chilli, black pepper, long pepper and any of the plants of The Piperaceae (pepper family) in manufacturing of cayenne pepper, turmeric, salts and other spices. They allegedly mix different chemicals and toxic materials into wood powder and wood sawdust to give the trash colour and taste. This trash after being given colour and taste is sold at shops, bazaars, hotels, marriage halls and other food points with different labels. Similarly, expired fruits are preserved in sugar and are later sold as ‘fresh “Murabba Jaat”‘. Ketchup is also made of inedible fruits and is sold overtly at food corners.
Besides manufacturing of adulterated foods, there lies a food outlet or restaurant at every nook and cranny of the district. These outlets serve unhygienic foodstuff to citizens. There is worst cleanliness at these restaurants and their kitchens are breeding grounds for flies and other insects. Officials of the District Food Authority are inactive as usual and watching people being exploited by the ‘mafia’ of food manufacturers.
Social circles have demanded the Health Department and higher-ups of the food authority take notice of the grave situation. They also demanded stern action against the culprits who have been playing with precious lives of people.

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