Sharp rise in crime in rural Islamabad

Islamabad – The outgoing year witnessed sharp rise in crime in the rural areas of the federal capital as 41 murders were recorded during the year as against 28 in 2016.

The capital city, as a whole, witnessed around 8 murders a month on the average in the year 2017, suggests the crime statement pertaining to the year. The rural areas recorded 41 out of the total 90 murder cases occurred in the federal capital in 2017 as against 95 murder cases in 2016.

Hundreds of homes were broken into during the year, some in plain view, in broad daylight. Property crimes include, among other crimes, robbery, burglary, theft and vehicles theft in which the criminals deprived residents of valuables worth millions of rupees with very poor recovery rate. The rural zone witnessed most of the murders as the area hosts several housing societies and the warring parties are in continuous tussle for possession of the precious land. Major reason for the crime, particularly in the rural zone, is land disputes.

The Koral police station, also part of the rural zone, registered majority of the crime as it recorded 10 such cases in 2017 followed by Khanna which registered 9 such cases, Shahzad Town and Lohi Bher with 7 cases each and Sihala and Nilore with 4 cases each.

The zone saw a sharp increase in the crime as in 2016, a total of 28 such cases were registered in 6 rural police stations. Besides this, the city zone registered 19 murder cases, Saddar zone 17 and Industrial Area zone registered 13 cases. Aabpara police station registered 2 murder cases, the Secretariat police station 5, Kohsar police station 1, Bhara Kahu police station 8, Bani Gala police station 3, Margalla police station 1, Karachi Company police station 3, Golra police station 2, Tarnol police station 4, Shalimar police station 1, Ramana police station 6, Industrial Area police station 3, Sabzi Mandi police station 5, Noon police station 4 and Shams Colony police station recorded one murder case. Furthermore, according to the comparative crime statement for the years 2016 and 2017, which is available with The Nation, 152 persons were injured in attempts to murder as against 143 in 2016. Besides this, 341 persons were also hurt in different clashes between the opposite parties and the matter was reported to the police.   The law and order in the capital city can be gauged from the fact that the local police registered 279 cases of rape/kidnapping in 2017 as against 264 occurred in 2016. Furthermore, it recorded 15 incidents of dacoity, 272 incidents of robbery, 74 incidents of day burglary, 150 incidents of night burglary, 315 theft cases, 148 vehicle theft cases and 196 motorcycle theft cases in which hundreds of citizens were deprived of their valuables.  Interestingly, cheque fraud emerged as the most common crime in the capital with over 1,000 people falling victim to it, the latest figures revealed. The police registered 1,039 cases of cheque fraud under section 489-F of the PPC. In total, according to the documents, the 21 police stations of the capital registered a total of 7,038 cases of crime of different nature as compared to 6,930 in year 2016.


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