Son arrested in PML-F leader Saira Naseer’s murder case

HYDERABAD – The SSP of Hyderabad, Pir Mohammed Shah on Thursday traced the events that led to the murder of Pakistan Muslim League-Functional (PML-F) leader Saira Naseer.

Addressing a press conference here, the SSP said his team had spent the last 20 days working round the clock to track down the culprits. “After tracing all leads available, including circumstantial evidence, technical data including CCTV and statements from witnesses; the police was able to get a confessional statement from the PML-F leader’s son,” he disclosed. “I personally feel that the mother was very dominating and she would become abusive and the night she was killed, she hit her son,” said the SSP.

He said that the son did not originally intend to kill his mother but it was more like he acted upon impulse.

“The mother and son argued at 11PM, after which Fahad went to the kitchen and brought an iron rod and hit his mother on the head with it,” said the SSP.

She was very dominating lady, he said, adding that everyone who knew about her had the same opinion. The police officer said that the case was challenging as he had interrogated hundreds of people, adding that unfortunately the authorities could not find a CCTV video.

“People had their suspicions about the family since day one,” said the SSP.

Police on Thursday arrested the son of Pakistan Muslim League-F leader Saira Naseer in connection with her murder.

On December 7, police had found the charred remains of Sair, who was a provincial women wing leader of the PML-F, in her burnt car.

Claiming that a major breakthrough had been made in the case, police questioned Saira son Fahad last night, following which he was arrested.

According to police sources, Fahad would often engage in arguments with his mother.

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